Indian Economy - Sanjiv Verma PDF

Indian Economy - Sanjiv Verma PDF

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Indian Economy - Sanjiv Verma PDF

    About This Book

"The Indian Economy" By- Sanjiv Verma has now been structured into different sections and further divided into chapters based on the new pattern of the UPSC syllabus. Some chapters have been re-written to cover the Topics in the revised syllabus. Following are the new chapters/topics that have been covered in this revised edition:-

1. Land Reform - A New Perspective

2. Investment Model.

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The following sections have been inserted in the new edition:-

1. Food Processing Industries- Industry of the Future

2. Port in India - A Economic Perspective

3. Railways- Life Line of the Nation

4. Globalization- Its Impact on Society

5. Overview of Recent Crises Since 2008.

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