Constitution of India 15000+ MCQ pdf

Constitution of India 15000+ MCQ pdf

Dear Students,

How are you all? In the previous post, I shared with you Indian Polity - by : M.Laxmikant (5th Edition) PDF book for Competitive exams. I know that this book will help you a lot. But in my opinion, you cannot qualify your dream job only follow the textbook. So what is the solution? I will suggest you do follow MCQ book also. So that I already uploaded this MCQ book and now I want to share this book's link with you. Constitution of India 15000+ MCQ pdf is the best and golden book for you.

Constitution of India 15000+ MCQ pdf

    My Suggestion

Before you start and practice this book. Start reading the entire constitution and comprehending it is not an easy task. It is impossible in my view and I would also not recommend depending entirely on Indian polity by M.LaxmikanthRead-only the most important parts of the Constitution from the Constitution. This is only to get the real feel and get out of it. For many things which can be understood simply other books tend to give unnecessary and lengthy explanations.

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DPSP, Schedules and some things can be read from the constitution. Amendments which are written in legal language and are not so easy to understand can be read from Indian Polity by M.Laxmikanth. This saves time and gives you the required analysis.

Just click this "Click Here" link and download your free book. Do share this post if you think this post will help you a lot.

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