A Brief History of Modern India - Spectrum (History Book)

A Brief History of Modern India - Spectrum

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How are you all? I want to know about your preparation level also. Hope your preparation level will grow day by day. Dear students, here the WBCS Guruji always with you to provide the best study materials so that you can grow your preparation level. Today I will share with you about the History of India book which is A Brief History of Modern India - Spectrum. This book is published by Spectrum Publication.

A Brief History of Modern India - Spectrum (History Book)

    Why this book

The Advent of the Portuguese the First Europeans to land in India who managed to carve out enclaves of power showed up the chaotic situation in this vast land. The mighty Mughals were yet to build their empire but the never quite gained mastery over the seas, on the other hand, the colonial empires were built on the strength of the naval power of their home countries. This book reviews the turbulent period in the history of India from the advent of the Europeans and the gradual establishment of British rule over India up to the nation's independence from colonial rule. its also briefly examines the challenges faced by the county immediately after independence and the notable developments that have taken place under the various governments brought to power by the people exercising their vote.

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