Top 3 Practice Sets For WBCS Preliminary Exam 2020

Top 3 Practice Sets For
WBCS Preliminary Exam 2020

Dear Students,

How are you all? are you preparing for WBCS 2020 Preliminary Exams? if your answer is "yes", then this post is very important for you. As we know, WBCS 2020 is knocking our door. So, we have to take strongly preparation for WBCS Preliminary 2020 Exams. So we should focus on our study. In this post, I strongly suggest (recommend) you about Top 3 Practice Sets For WBCS Preliminary Exam 2020.

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    Why Practise Set?

This is the most common question for students those who are new in this area/ competition field. "Why we practice through practice set", "can I follow only practice sets rather follow any textbooks". In this regard, I will strongly suggest you go through textbooks first and then follow one or more good Practise Sets. You can say, this is a rule for your exam preparation. If you follow these rules, you will get your success very soon. Now the choice is yours, will you follow these rules or not? leave a comment below about your opinion in this regard.

    Why I follow Textbook first?

This is one of the most important questions for new students who have not any idea about this field. So let's start the discussion about this topic. Look, if you do not follow any textbook, I'm sorry to say that, you will not find any success. So, why you have to follow the textbook right? go back to your school life and remember your memories. Are you followed only practise sets? I know that your answer will be "no". So why you choose only practice sets now. Just think about it. I hope you will get your answer.

In my suggestion, I will suggest you, please practice MCQ questions as much as you can. If you have done, it will grow your preparation level day by day and you can achieve your success. So students, today I will suggest you most trusted  Practice Sets book only for WBCS Preliminary Exam 2020 aspirants. You can click Buy Now option (all links are available below) if you are interested in WBCS Prelims Exam. So let's go-

1. WBCS 25 Practice Sets Preliminary Exam 2020
     -Arihant Publications

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2. 20 Practice Set for WBCS Preliminary Examination 2020 (Bengali Version) - Katha O Kahini

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